About US

Our first year, 1941, was a different time in America; before we lost what remained of our innocence in yet another great European War, a time when the Stars and Stripes, baseball, and apple pie were the palpable representations of what made America a special place. To some these values may seem the misplaced remnants of a bygone era, but to those of us at Tyler Candy, family and quality remain our guiding principles to this day.

We demonstrate this commitment by using only the finest raw ingredients in our products. Our number one selling brand,“Dickies”, is still produced the same way it was in 1941, hand measured and handmade right here in America. Every item, every time.

It’s not just the storied history or the commitment to excellence that differentiates Tyler Candy from the other guys; it is the product itself. Our time-honored recipes produce a candy that is sweeter and crunchier than the competition, without the aftertaste of baking soda and salt. We use Texas pecans, highest quality peanuts, sugar, corn syrup grown right here in America.

Our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction insures that the very best natural ingredients are always used. Ingredient sourcing goes beyond the industry standard search for a “cheaper price”, at Tyler Candy sourcing includes ingredient taste testing, lab testing and reporting. We apply higher minimum standards to all of our suppliers, and buy major State inspected commodities in bulk, which assist in providing stability to our supply chain and control over our quality and price. Our products are make daily, and ship directly from our plant right here in Tyler with Texas Pride.